Why are emotions important?

To lead your best life and discover your best, happiest, most fulfilled self, you must explore and bravely delve into ALL of your feelings. Identifying your emotions can help unlock the secrets behind them, allowing you to learn the nature of the emotions you experience.  

One of the most challenging tasks is learning to love yourself and get comfortable with your broad spectrum of emotions. It’s about accepting who you are and understanding your capacity and desire for MORE.

Your best life is defined by feeling the desired emotion more often and reaching that point. You have to learn where your emotional beliefs come from and the habits they have created for you. As you practice more self-compassion and learn to love yourself more fully, you may need to alter those habits and beliefs about who you are and what you believe you deserve. 

You must change the habits and beliefs that limit you. All thoughts are based on past experiences. Your limiting beliefs will whisper that you’re not enough, that you don’t deserve your success. You will never find anyone to care for you the way you care for them, so you have given up on establishing a closer connection with another. It is not uncommon to feel you’re not deserving. You may find yourself feeling unloved or unlovable. You may carry guilt and pain from your past. You may experience frustration on your journey as often as you experience victory. It’s hard to feel like you deserve more. It can be challenging to believe you deserve success. 

As you realize yourself, transformation can start to take place. The start of transformation begins in your mind. The mind connects your physical self to your spiritual self. Your body will respond to a new way of thinking and feeling about yourself. When the choice becomes an experience, you will never forget it.

Sometimes you can’t pinpoint WHAT you’re feeling. It can be a struggle to identify emotions. This is where the Vibeonix Assessment can give a picture through biofeedback of your emotional baseline at any given time.

Thoughts come from emotions; you change your thoughts if you change your feelings. Identifying emotions and feelings is the first step to help you work through them and move past the beliefs causing the results you don’t like. Changing your thoughts about who you are can threaten your sense of self–contemplating the truth about you will feel uncomfortable.

Emotion is “energy in motion”–it’s meant to be in motion. The only way to allow emotions to be in action is through awareness. Allowing energy to be in motion isn’t just thinking and talking about how they feel; Although this approach can bring initial awareness, that is only the first step. The expression process stays at the level of thought versus actual movement. To successfully express emotion, you have to identify sensations and release states of contraction.

Thoughts are the brain’s language, and feelings are the body’s language. How you think and how you feel creates a state of being. Once you begin to embrace that future reality and envision how you would like your life to be, you make it before it manifests. When you combine an intention with a high vibration emotion, the freedom, the joy, and gratitude you have for that experience, your body, as the unconscious mind, believes it is living in the future reality in the present moment. Now you’re beginning to be in a new state of being. To change a view or perception about yourself and your life, you have to decide with the firm intention that the amplitude of that decision carries a level of energy more significant than the hard-wired programs in your brain and the emotional conditions in your body.  

Your mind can only give you solutions that you already know. To explore new, successful solutions, you need to increase your emotional intelligence.  You have a powerful tool for creating the life you want: YOUR EMOTIONS. Those with high Emotional Intelligence are more successful in all aspects of life, as they can better discern what is going on within themselves and around them. 

Your emotions are your inner guidance system, revealing if your beliefs align with your highest good or are misaligned with your highest good. You want to experience emotions of joy, happiness, and ease–and these are present when you align with your highest good through your beliefs and the thought frequency you choose every moment of every day.   

“What the studies are showing is that human emotion, heart-based emotion, is one of the signals that influence the DNA of our body.” – Gregg Braden.