Are you in a state of flow or resistance?

Emotions are what you experience, they are not who you are. Emotional intelligence helps you understand and manage your emotional experiences.  

Do you depend on outside events to feel joy, peace, and confidence. While it’s good to celebrate joyous occasions in life, if you remain dependent on these events, you’ll find yourself in less control of your feelings.     

With high emotional intelligence, you can shift your emotional response because of your ability to regulate emotions. Emotional awareness is the ability to recognize and make sense of your own emotions and those of others.   

It takes practice to develop emotional intelligence. But first, you must have a growth mindset and believe that you can improve your EQ no matter where you are. There is no limit to how much you can improve your emotional intelligence. 

Here are three simple ideas to focus on as you learn more about yourself, your emotional guidance system, and alignment.

  • Know Yourself
  • Define Your Values And Beliefs
  • Ask And Listen To Yourself

Emotions teach us our thought and feeling patterns. Past experiences become an emotional habit in our subconscious operating system. Seeing the pattern of emotion will help you understand what is in the present moment and what is in the operating system of the past. 

Observing your emotion and becoming aware of the present feeling allows you to be proactive with your emotion and respond rather than react in a habit of the past. 

You are NOT your emotion. You have the power to choose your emotional reaction to every situation. Keep your attention on YOU and empower yourelf to feel how you want to feel.