The Power of Self Talk

Through self-talk, you can develop a habit of richly embellishing experiences–for better or worse. Your mind is so powerful it can create a story that feels like it happened. In fact, you can tell a story that your mind doesn’t know if it really happened that way or not.

Practice accepting `what is’. Great liberation comes from acceptance. Many people resist what is. They focus on how unfair something is. They fight what is. They stay angry if people or situations are not how they think or assume they should be.

When you become deliberate in your self-talk and storytelling, you can literally create the responding thoughts and feelings you want! You have a choice to respond to every experience with positive or negative energy feelings.  

Negative self-talk holds you towards the negative end of the continuum. You have the power to change your thoughts and how you talk to yourself consciously.  

 How can you see the experience from a positive perspective? Practice `not hurting your feelings. 

You can change how you talk to yourself. You can train yourself to think differently when an experience happens. Becoming self-aware and learning emotional management are effective ways to adjust patterns of beliefs and thoughts.  

These are very effective ways to manage your thoughts and discover patterns to adjust beliefs and thoughts.

Shifting Your Emotional Baseline Towards Positive Energy

Shifting your emotional self-talk takes practice. The more you practice feeling positive emotions and thinking positive thoughts, the easier it is to maintain despite the contrast of daily life. 

You can choose to live from a positive emotional baseline with practice. When you live in choice, other people and experiences have less power to influence how you feel.  

Develop your emotional intelligence through greater self-awareness provided by the Vibeonix APP. Practice shifting your emotional baseline by listening to your own self-talk.

Daily Practice

Focus your energy and focus on accepting `what is` and `what now?`  

Choose how you respond to a person or event by considering how you feel through the experience.

Even if you can’t change the event, you have the power to determine how it impacts you. You can choose how you manage the emotions that come up for you.

Reframe your self-talk by recording your thoughts in the voice journal feature within the Vibeonix APP.   

  • Record your version of the story
  • Listen to your recording
  • Identify how you can tell the story from a positive perspective
  • Re-record the story and listen to how you did

Listen to yourself to identify what you are in resonance with. Practice telling the story that makes you feel better.

Gratitude Journaling

Recording your gratitude every day will increase your positive emotional baseline. Start with “I am so happy and grateful now that…” Gratitude is the most straightforward way to shift your emotional state. It is a fantastic way to start your day!