It’s time to feel better!

Do you generally feel more optimistic? Do you feel happy, peaceful, and loving? Do you feel grateful and inspired?

Or, do you tend to be more negative and generally pessimistic? Do you easily get frustrated, offended, or angered? Do you have a pattern of fear or stress? Do you have the habit of feeling sad or lonely?

When you wake up in the morning, what feelings do you experience? Do you look forward to your day feeling confident and motivated? Do you feel positive energy? Do you feel low energy, sad, or stressed? Do you feel worried about another situation or person?

Do you stay in a “bad mood” if something happens in the morning, or do you shift and let it go quickly?

Your baseline is the habitual emotional state you wake up with or return to after a peak experience. Similar to when you work out. It is your resting heart rate after a vigorous workout. Your emotional baseline is similar to your heart-rate baseline.

With self-awareness and emotional management, you can quickly let go and return to subtle waves of emotion rather than peaks and valleys. This can also be defined as emotional resilience.

However, lack of awareness, control and management can prolong the intensity, replaying the experience and repeatedly evoking the same feeling.

This is great to evoke positive emotions, replaying positive experiences! The struggle of well-being comes from the habitual replaying of negative thoughts and feelings! The more you think about negative things, the more negative emotions you will feel. If you think about something that made you feel angry, you will feel more anger. The more you re-live a sad or painful experience, the more hurt and sadness you feel.

Have you ever met someone still angry about an experience that happened days, months, or even years ago? The experience has long passed; however, the thoughts and feelings keep making it real today!

Thoughts give each experienced power to affect our emotional state in the present.

Want to feel happy? Living a happy feeling life is a choice. Learn to go with the flow, allowing you to feel the wave of emotion, then let it go!

Your emotions are a guidance tool. When you begin to feel resistant or negative emotion, let yourself feel it and let it go. Resilience is the ability to feel negative emotions and let them go in a shorter time. Don’t feel `stuck` in the resistance of negative feeling emotion.

Daily Practice

Practice reframing the thoughts to feel better. Use the positive thoughts in your Vibeonix APP to get into resonance with better feeling thoughts. Record yourself saying the phrase. Play it back to yourself. Re-record the positive thought until you can feel the positive energy in your body. Become vibrationally in sync with your positive feelings, thoughts, and emotion.