What are employees asking for?

  • Today employees are making a stand in what they want. They are demanding change from how things used to be.
  • Employees appreciate the leaders who led the best they could this past year. They know you did the best you could.

Both employees and employers were flexible; however, old ways crept back up. They want to be heard. Old methods weren’t working either! A two-hour commute? Every day? Sitting in traffic, waving goodbye to that workout we might have done, or wondering if their kids made it off to school okay?

No, thanks.

They want flexibility. They want to work in the places that work best for them and take time for their own well-being, families, and friends. They don’t want to have to sneak away for a doctor’s appointment or struggle through the day when they’re sick, just to be ‘seen.’

They demand change because they care.

They care about our leaders who are struggling to keep up. They’re leaving, and we can’t navigate this new world of work without them.

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