Your Emotional Guidance System

Energy is frequency. All frequencies carry information. Thoughts are the language of the brain. Feelings are the language of the body. How you think and how you feel creates your state of being.

Emotions are telling. Positive energy emotions bring with them the truth; negative energy emotions bring the non-truth. Emotional patterns of the past become a habitual emotional response in the present. Through self-awareness and emotional management, you can change your relationship with your emotions. Emotions are a part of you. They are what make you feel alive!  

Embracing your guidance system comes with power; however, you must avoid judging them in their authentic form. There is no such thing as a bad emotion. Do you resist them? Do you push them away, suppress, or judge them? Do you tell yourself they are wrong, go away, or ignore them? 

Emotions are alive. Emotions speak. Emotions respond. So how can you gain a greater appreciation for negative energy emotion? The answer isn’t always easy; however, it is simple. Move towards allowing and away from resisting. Feel in flow with yourself.  Ask them questions. Spend time with them. Observe them as they unfold. Learn where they came from. Call them out.

Consider emotions as your guidance system. Welcome fear. It may not be as scary up close. Invite fear to have a conversation. Ask fear questions. Consider fear as someone you would like to know better.

Why are you here? What are you trying to tell me? What can I learn from feeling fear?

Now listen. Acknowledge it in any form. Speak it. Write it. Think it. Move it. By letting it be seen and heard, it has the freedom to move through you, and the only way out is through. Feel it and let it go…until next time.

To know yourself, you must see the opposite. Without the contrast of sadness, joy would have no value. Without confusion, clarity would lack significance. Everything you are searching for outside of you already exists inside of you.  

Your emotions guide you. Your only job is to feel.


On the worksheet, you will make two lists, resistant and flow states. This worksheet aims to identify positive and negative emotions and how they feel in connection to resistance and flow states. The purpose of this exercise is to differentiate and feel the differences. The first step to using your emotions as guidance is recognizing and determining them.

On the left-hand side of the worksheet, write down all the emotions that feel like they face resistance or disconnection.  What does it feel like to be in resistance? The feeling of being stuck? Sit with yourself until you can feel the emotions surface. A resistance state may feel like stress, confusion, unworthiness, fear, frustration, depression, loneliness, etc. 

On the right-hand side of the worksheet, write down all the feelings that feel like a flow or connection. Sit with yourself long enough until you can feel the feelings that come up for you. Flow state may feel like love, joy, peace, confidence, motivation, excitement, etc. Which ones do you want to feel? Which ones make you feel the most connected?  Flow emotion is what keeps things moving and guides you to joy.

For the last step, review all of your emotions and recognize the contrasts in what you feel. Make choices about what you want to feel more often. Recognize which side you attune to more often.

Gratitude and Appreciation are two of the most powerful emotions you can experience. When you live life with gratitude as your default, everything expands.

Be kind to yourself. Let go of what keeps you from feeling better more of the time. Be aware of your emotions, feel them, express them, and let them go.

Resistant - Flow state

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