Awareness gives back your power

A story about awareness: This simple truth While boating on the lake one day, it became extremely windy. Windy enough that it was becoming difficult to control the boat. We decided to call it a day, head into the dock, and go home. When we arrived at the dock, another boat was getting ready to… Continue reading Awareness gives back your power

Are you thriving?

Most people want to Thrive in life. People are struggling. Well-being is being compromised. People experience fear, lonely, stress, sadness, confusion, and anger with few tools to objectively identify, manage and express their emotions. In fact, most people have muted their ability to feel and process emotion. Thriving people feel. They know how to express… Continue reading Are you thriving?

What are emotional frequencies?

Every person on this planet is vibrating at a very subtle hertz frequency or their personal vibration analysis.  At a rest state, we have a base metabolic rate. When experiences and events in our lives happen our emotions are engaged our vibrational rate changes rapidly and often dramatically. You may identify yourselves with your physical body;… Continue reading What are emotional frequencies?