10 Emotional Management Strategies

Manage Stress

“Emotional Intelligence is the ability to monitor one’s feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and action.”  – Salovey & Mayer – Emotional Management Tool Kit Despite good intentions, we often resort to less effective and sustainable tactics to manage emotional experiences. These may include blocking… Continue reading 10 Emotional Management Strategies

What’s up with the Negative Energy called fear?


One of the most exciting interactions we can have is with a person who is full of positive energy. Positive energy has a higher vibration and holds more light. Happily, if we emit a high vibration, we attract and resonate with other high vibrational beings.  So the more elevated our vibration, the more light we… Continue reading What’s up with the Negative Energy called fear?

Learning about Emotion


Learning your “Emotion Scores” Emotions are constantly in flux between flow and resistance states.  When we say “emotional score,” we mean the overall levels of your emotional state. Practicing Emotional intelligence helps with understanding those states and managing yourself. With high emotional intelligence, you can switch your default emotional state to the one you desire… Continue reading Learning about Emotion

Your Emotional Guidance System

Balance Emotions

Energy is frequency. All frequencies carry information. Thoughts are the language of the brain. Feelings are the language of the body. How you think and how you feel creates your state of being. Emotions are telling. Positive energy emotions bring with them the truth; negative energy emotions bring the non-truth. Emotional patterns of the past… Continue reading Your Emotional Guidance System

Are you thriving?

Most people want to Thrive in life. People are struggling. Well-being is being compromised. People experience fear, lonely, stress, sadness, confusion, and anger with few tools to objectively identify, manage and express their emotions. In fact, most people have muted their ability to feel and process emotion. Thriving people feel. They know how to express… Continue reading Are you thriving?

What are employees asking for?

Today employees are making a stand in what they want. They are demanding change from how things used to be. Employees appreciate the leaders who led the best they could this past year. They know you did the best you could. Both employees and employers were flexible; however, old ways crept back up. They want… Continue reading What are employees asking for?

It’s time to feel better!

Do you generally feel more optimistic? Do you feel happy, peaceful, and loving? Do you feel grateful and inspired? Or, do you tend to be more negative and generally pessimistic? Do you easily get frustrated, offended, or angered? Do you have a pattern of fear or stress? Do you have the habit of feeling sad… Continue reading It’s time to feel better!

Are you in a state of flow or resistance?

Emotions are what you experience, they are not who you are. Emotional intelligence helps you understand and manage your emotional experiences.   Do you depend on outside events to feel joy, peace, and confidence. While it’s good to celebrate joyous occasions in life, if you remain dependent on these events, you’ll find yourself in less control… Continue reading Are you in a state of flow or resistance?