Learning about Emotion


Learning your “Emotion Scores” Emotions are constantly in flux between flow and resistance states.  When we say “emotional score,” we mean the overall levels of your emotional state. Practicing Emotional intelligence helps with understanding those states and managing yourself. With high emotional intelligence, you can switch your default emotional state to the one you desire… Continue reading Learning about Emotion

Facing our Fears

There are so many of us who are living in fear.  America’s top fears coming into 2022  were Democracy/Government corruption, Loved ones dying, a Major epidemic, and Jobs/Economic/ Financial collapse. These are fears of what is in store for the world.  On a personal basis, we often fear being criticized, fear of failure, living in… Continue reading Facing our Fears

What is Emotional Intelligence? A mini Take

Emotional intelligence is a fairly new term in the psychological and mental wellness space, with its inception only beginning in 1990. Though it may seem like an informal term exchanged within the mental wellness community, it’s actually an extensively studied topic in research. Since its recent inception at Yale, EI’s definition has been expanded and… Continue reading What is Emotional Intelligence? A mini Take

Building Emotional Intelligence is Essential

Self-management To engage your EQ, you must utilize your emotions to make constructive decisions about your behavior.  Think about a time when stress overwhelmed you. How easy was it to make a rational decision or think clearly? Probably not. When you become stressed for longer periods, your ability to think clearly and accurately assess your… Continue reading Building Emotional Intelligence is Essential