Are mental health and emotional health the same?


When we strive to live a healthy life, we think mostly of losing weight, being more active, or eating healthy.  While these things will contribute to our overall well-being, they might not deal with some of the issues we prefer to neglect- emotional and mental health. You might find yourself wondering why these two aspects of… Continue reading Are mental health and emotional health the same?

Learning about Emotion


Learning your “Emotion Scores” Emotions are constantly in flux between flow and resistance states.  When we say “emotional score,” we mean the overall levels of your emotional state. Practicing Emotional intelligence helps with understanding those states and managing yourself. With high emotional intelligence, you can switch your default emotional state to the one you desire… Continue reading Learning about Emotion

It’s time to feel better!

Do you generally feel more optimistic? Do you feel happy, peaceful, and loving? Do you feel grateful and inspired? Or, do you tend to be more negative and generally pessimistic? Do you easily get frustrated, offended, or angered? Do you have a pattern of fear or stress? Do you have the habit of feeling sad… Continue reading It’s time to feel better!